Friday, December 31, 2004

Donations - where?

The major international aid agencies (Red Cross etc) are now in full swing helping victims of the disaster in the region. I have been asked by many people who want to help - where should I send money? The international agencies are doing fantastic work so that is a good place to start with your donations. They are helping with the vital and immediate task of feeding and providing medical care for the millions of people effected.

I have decided to provide financial support to the long term rebuilding of the local communities in Phang Nga, the worst hit region in our area. These communities have relied principally on fishing and tourism in the past. Tourism has gone for the foreseeable future and the fishing equipment is at best severely damaged. Schools and hospitals are piles of rubble and many of the teachers and medical staff are no longer with us.

This is NOT a request for donations but rather if you are going to give anyway and want to steer your money towards some very specific local projects on the coast of Thailand then I will ensure that the money you donate is directed to rebuild Thai communities in Phang Nga.

Contact me if you wish to donate funds.


PS I have expanded on the details in Email #6 below

Martha, Katie and David - thanks for taking the time to share you thoughts and wonderful efforts to help so many put their lives back together! I have added your site to my list of FIRST HAND STORIES. Thank you for what you are doing! - Rick

PHUKET TSUNAMI first hand stories
Hi, David and Katie!

I´m Flávia Mantovani, a journalist from Brazil. I write to a newspaper directed to young people (adolescents) of my country. I´d like to talk (by phone or by e-mail) to teenagers about their experience with tsunami. Rick von Feldt, from another blog, told me that you have two boys that he thinks are teen. Can I talk to them? How old are them? Can you please give me your phone number? My e-mail is

Thank you!
I wish you all the best in 2005.

Flávia Mantovani
Folha de S.Paulo
Dear David,

My name is Sasinat Tantapakun, a Thai working in Krabi. A friend of mine, Jeremy Odoux, a French working for the association in Vietnam, has collected the fund and some donation with his colleagues. He and his team want to come over and help rebuild the schools and also transfer the money to the responsible unit. Please kindly contact me at or Jeremy at ASAP. He will continue collecting money until the first week of February 2005.

Many thanks in advance for your help and best regards,
Hi David,

I just saw that my friend Sasinat let a message on this blog about the possibility for my association to finance the rebuilding of a school or an orphanage in the south of Thailand. I just want to let you know that we still looking for a specific local project there. I think we will be able to donate the funds collected in april. We have collected around 5000 Euros for this project. So don't hesitate to contact me asap.

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